the girls and me

I started Honeysmoke in July 2009 for two reasons: to share my stories about raising biracial girls and to push myself to write every single day.

My first post was a summary of an average day as a mother. It was the perfect debut post for Honeysmoke, a space I created for parents to share their experiences, discuss race, and add their voices to the great parenting debate. I wanted Honeysmoke to be a safe place, a site where parents of mixed children knew their opinions mattered.

Four years and hundreds of posts later, I have accomplished my goal. I’ve written funny posts, serious diatribes, and everything in between. While I will no longer share my thoughts about parenting on this site, I will continue to write every day and write for other venues. I am editing this site and will leave the best of the posts available for anyone to access. Click on the tabs above to find the best of the Honeysmoke blog. I can still be found on Twitter @honeysmokeblog and will continue to occasionally post on the Honeysmoke Facebook page.

It is difficult to fully express how much I appreciate those who have encouraged me and contributed to the site. Thank you for everything. All of you mean the world to me.



  • African American Reg

    Glad we found you, we are expanding our content to be more inclusive of resources like yours; especially for the children. Best,

  • Jah

    Your blog is still one of my favorites, and I’m glad you’ll be leaving some of your favorites posts online. I don’t always have time to follow all the parenting blogs I loved to read before having my own baby (go figure), but I will certainly miss yours.