Hello Kitty

When it comes to gifts for little people, I prefer to give a book or something else that fosters learning. I shy away from giving a toy. You never know if the child already has it, and it’s not very meaningful. Children, though, may consider a book or something else so very boring. So, I’ve been taking the creative route.

It’s called the Hello Kitty spa basket. It is just what any girly 5-year-old needs. There is a colorful hand towel, loofah, strawberry bath gel,┬ásparkly nail polish, necklace, two toe separators, emory boards and fingernail clippers. For an added bonus, the spa includes four pieces of chocolate. Total cost: $20.

This is the second basket Simone and Nadia have given this year. Both times, I had the basket, chocolate, plastic wrapping and ribbon at home. You can cut the price significantly by purchasing a less expensive towel.

  • Wow, $20 for all that?! Not bad! Very cute. A would love that.

  • Um. My birthday is on Sunday. Just sayin’.

  • Is it wrong that I kind of want a Hello Kitty spa basket for myself?

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