• Caron Heiss

    Please join me in my struggle to remove the word “race” from our
    vernacular. If you must label or describe a person, use the word
    “phenotype”, not race. Phenotype refers to a person’s observable physical

    Race: fiction, unscientific, arbitrary, divisive, social construct, political
    construct, oppressive, divisive, inaccurate, biased, justifies slavery,
    justifies discrimination, justifies segregation, reinforces stereotypes,
    justifies colonialism, justifies the genocide of people, justifies group
    supremacy, maintains hierarchical boundaries

    Phenotype: scientific, a threat to the bastion of privilege

    Check out “Race – the Power of an Illusion” at PBS.org.

    “It would seem better to define everyone as simply human beings,
    not with non-scientific or socially-constructed labels of superiority and
    inferiority, and accord them rights, duties and freedoms based solely upon
    their existence, rather than upon their state of pigmentation, genetic makeup, or presumed continental origin of their ancestors.” (Author Unknown)

  • WhiteGuy

    I listened with interest to your Gabby’s hair piece on NPR today, but as a white guy I’m still puzzled – what is she doing with her hair?  I watched a chunk of Chris Rock’s docu Good Hair so I am not totally ignorant of the lengths some will go to…but I’m just impressed she can approximate the ‘team style’ – and of course wondering why they have one at all.  Given the qualifying shocker it is amazing that anyone is paying attention to this…but again, I’m just a

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