Mixed Roots Festival

I have been invited to read at the Third Annual Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival June 12-13 in Los Angeles. The festival was founded by Heidi Durrow and Fanshen Cox and features film and literary works about “interracial and intercultural relationships, transracial and transcultural adoptions, and anyone who identifies as having biracial, multiracial, Hapa or Mixed identity.”

I am looking forward to seeing the Mixed: Portraits of Multiracial Kids exhibit at the Japanese American National Museum, and I can’t wait to meet some people I only know by Twitter handle. I haven’t figured out all of the particulars, but I would like to take Simone and Nadia with me. I know they would have a wonderful time. What a great way to celebrate Loving Day.

  • Keisha

    That’s great that you will be here in L.A. I may actually come just to see you, because I love reading your blog. I don’t have kids yet, but your posts give me hope and great laughs!

  • Congrats! Sounds great.

  • Bravo! What a stellar choice on their part!

  • Fantastic! Congratulations!

  • Caymbria’s Mommy

    Oh this is good to know!! I am in Los Angeles, so I will for sure be looking for more info on this… this is the first i have heard of such a thing… Awesome!

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