Quote, Unquote


Potatoes are made out of French fries.

Nadia, rehearsing for a future culinary show.



Nadia, guessing her father’s age after she and her sister realized they needed someone 18 or older to buy a toy online.

Not 100. 74?

Simone, making an educated guess.


They are truly, truly in love.

Simone, explaining the romantic status of two of her classmates.


That’s what I’m talking about.

Nadia, vowing she will turn a better cartwheel than her sister when she is 6.


I’m not a kindergartener anymore; I’m a pre first-grader.

Simone, explaining her academic status.


No more fries for you.

Nadia, the self-appointed fry police, giving her mommy trouble for stealing a fry.


That’s a peace sign car.

Nadia, admiring a Mercedes-Benz during a stop at a traffic light.


Can he touch clouds?

Simone, after her father told her she was going to meet a very tall friend.


That’s in the freezing section.

Simone, telling her father where he could find the yogurt.


Shake your boo-tay!

Nadia, repeating a phrase her parents wish she hadn’t learned.


Grandpa is messing with me.

Nadia, attempting to tattle on her grandfather.


Nadia, after her grandpa reminded her that he is her mother’s father.


Grandma, don’t help me.

Nadia, letting her grandmother know she didn’t need any help opening a gift.

Oooh, just what I wanted.

Simone, after she opened just about every gift.

What is it? What is it? What is it?

Nadia, being a bit impatient as her sister opened a gift.

That’s very beautiful.

Simone, after opening a pretty gift.

Where’s mine?

Nadia, noting that if there’s one, there will be two.

Daddy, are you done yet?

Simone, rushing her father to finish putting together a gift.

Can I see it?

Nadia, proving that giving a child one share of stock in her favorite fast food restaurant and favorite amusement park is a bit too abstract for a 3-year-old to grasp.


I want to moisturize my lips.

Nadia, explaining herself after she was caught red-handed with her mother’s lip gloss.


You’re not very good with planets, are you? Daddy is good with the planets.

Simone, after her mother couldn’t immediately explain how a full moon becomes a crescent moon.


If you don’t give me the purple plate, I won’t be your friend any more.

Simone, playing hardball with her sister.


Mommy, I am thankful for you — and Daddy, and Simone, and the doggies, and me.

Nadia, giving thanks a few days before Thanksgiving.


I’m not the lights person any more. I’m just plain, old Nadia.

Nadia, noting her change in classroom duties at preschool.


The alarm is ringing because Mommy needs alarming.

Simone, reacting to the sound of Mommy’s alarm clock.


I need sand hanitizer.

Nadia, transposing a couple of letters in her quest for germ-free hands.


That’s the front, this is the middle back, and that’s the way back.

Simone, describing the compartments of an SUV.


It’s not a good look for me.

Ken, after he woke up with glitter on his face.

You have to unload it, Mommy.

Nadia, explaining how I needed to download a computer program.

Now we can do whatever we want.

Simone, moments after I left Ken in charge.

open quoteYou’d bring them back. closed quote

Mommy and Daddy’s response to a woman who said our kids were so cute she wanted to take them home.

open quoteLook at my hands.closed quote

Nadia, discovering she can make shadows with her hands instead of going to sleep.

open quoteBoy dogs look like boys, and girl dogs look like girls.closed quote

Simone, explaining the difference between boy and girl dogs.

open quoteDaddy, you got any money?closed quote

Nadia, hitting up her father for money for a new doll.

open quoteI’m getting too heavy.close quote

Simone’s way of telling Daddy to put her down so that she could take in the pre-game football hoopla.

open quoteTake off your glasses, Daddy, so you can see.close quote

Nadia telling her father how he could get a better view.

open quoteRain, rain go away. It’s not listening.closed quote

Simone, trying her hand at being Mother Nature.

open quoteGoogle!close quote

Simone, naming a word that begins with the letter G.

open quoteMooooo!closed quote

Nadia, saying this while she slept and had a vivid dream.

open quoteThe plane is making my tummy tickle.close quote

Simone’s description of one of her first plane rides.


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