Sunny Thoughts

On April 1, 2010, in Biracial, by Honeysmoke

Thankfully, the sun has come out and so have the giggle boxes.

Simone and Nadia are both waking up in good moods. I had hoped Simone’s obsession with dresses and skirts would wane. Nope. The girly girl skipped out of here in a yellow and white gingham dress with red cherries embroidered all over it. I had dressed Nadia first. When Nadia, ever the little sister, saw what Simone was wearing she wanted to wear a dress as well. I held my ground, and she went to preschool in a pair of pink pants with a matching top.

Spring is a wonderful time of the year. I am more than happy to shed all of the coats and sweaters. Soon Simone and Nadia will trade their tennis shoes for sandals. As for me, I see a few more trips to the mall in my future. It’s going to be the season of dresses — again.

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  • How fun! Simone’s dress sounds so cheerful!